Registry of Burials


The Registry of Burials below, was begun in the 1990s by cemetery staff and covers interments made through 2006. While it contains 14,100 name entries, the data is incomplete and registry does not presume to include all the burials in the cemetery prior to 2006.

Other ways to find information about, and locations of, the residents of Grove Street Cemetery are listed on the Resources for Discovery page of our website.

Displaying 1 - 30 of 14100
Name Date of Birth Date of Death Date of Burialsort descending Location
Sanford, Margaret L.
Huggins, Rachel 16 Cedar Ave.
Hinman, Luman Sycamore
Pendleton, Hannah Friday, January 5, 1849 34 Linden Ave.
Whittelsey, Mary Cutler 30 Sylvan Ave.
Watrous, Charles Ansel 59 Sycamore
Clarke, Alfred 28 Locust Ave.
Tracy, Lucy P. Monday, November 12, 1888 77 Locust Ave.
Browne, Daniel West Wall
Thompson, Benjamin F. Sunday, April 15, 1838 62 Laurel Ave.
Gregory, Henry E. Tuesday, August 25, 1908 70 Spruce
Bradley, Jerusha D. 31 Cedar Ave.
Gilbert, Sybbal Sunday, October 24, 1841 38 Cedar Ave.
Smith, Rebecca 43 Magnolia
Ford, Elizabeth West Wall
Sherman, Elizabeth Saturday, November 6, 1852 59 Cypress
Lego, Edward A. Sunday, October 13, 1867 37 Locust Ave.
Denison, William C. 34 Central Ave.
Kennedy, Peter J. Wednesday, November 15, 1820 37 Central Ave.
Atwater, Grace 16 Sylvan Ave.
Ives, Sarah Monday, August 19, 1850 22 Cypress
Sacket, Bertha Thursday, June 19, 1806 23 Central Ave.
Hubbard, Leverett (M.D.) 48 Maple Ave.
Clark, Alpies W. 42 Holly Ave.
Hotchkiss, Calara Sunday, April 30, 1837 32 Spruce
Peck, Matilda 19 Ivy Path
Brown, Hannah 49 Maple Ave.
Harrison, Phebe Friday, March 23, 1821 10 Cypress
Tuttle, Allen A. 60 Central Ave.
Gilbert, Evagene I.M. 23 Locust Ave.