Registry of Burials


The Registry of Burials below was begun in the 1990s by cemetery staff and covers interments made through December 2021. While it contains 14,472 name entries, the data is incomplete and the registry does not presume to include all the burials in the cemetery prior to 2021.

Other ways to find information about, and locations of, the residents of Grove Street Cemetery are listed on the Resources for Discovery page of our website.

Displaying 1 - 30 of 14473
Name Date of Birth Date of Death Date of Burial Locationsort ascending
Bumstead, John R. Tuesday, October 6, 1925 Woodbine Path
Turnbull, Katharine M. Wednesday, July 6, 1988 Saturday, July 30, 1988 Woodbine
Bumstead, Henry A. Saturday, January 1, 1921 Tuesday, May 3, 1927 Willow & Willow Ave.
Adye, Aner (1st) West Wall
Adye, Aner (2nd) West Wall
Allcock, Thomas West Wall
Allen, Susanna West Wall
Alley, William West Wall
Alling, Caleb West Wall
Alling, Ebenezer West Wall
Alling, James West Wall
Alling, Jesse West Wall
Alling, John West Wall
Alling, Jonathan Capt. West Wall
Alling, Mabel West Wall
Alling, Oliver West Wall
Alling, Sarah West Wall
Alling, Susannah West Wall
Alsup, Elizabeth West Wall
Alsup, Joseph West Wall
Attwater, Elisha West Wall
Attwater, Hannah West Wall
Attwater, Ruth West Wall
Attwater, Samuel West Wall
Atwater, Abel West Wall
Atwater, David West Wall
Atwater, Abigail West Wall
Atwater, Abigail West Wall
Atwater, Chester West Wall
Atwater, David West Wall