Registry of Burials


The Registry of Burials below was begun in the 1990s by cemetery staff and covers interments made through December 2021. While it contains 14,472 name entries, the data is incomplete and the registry does not presume to include all the burials in the cemetery prior to 2021.

Other ways to find information about, and locations of, the residents of Grove Street Cemetery are listed on the Resources for Discovery page of our website.

Displaying 271 - 300 of 14473
Name Date of Birth Date of Death Date of Burialsort descending Location
Gaines, Robert W. 69 Maple Ave.
Gilbert, Mary West Wall
Gordon, Edward O. Tuesday, July 8, 1834 18 Central Ave.
Green, Frank G. Monday, May 19, 1913 42 Magnolia
Hill, Helen I. Sunday, April 4, 1858 74 Linden Ave.
Hotchkiss, Nancy Mix Wednesday, December 26, 1821 19 Cypress
Hubbard, Leverett 48 Maple Ave.
Dana, James S. 4 Cedar Ave.
Post, Marshall D. 50 Central Ave.
Punderford, Clarissa M. Tuesday, December 25, 1827 74 Spruce
Rice, James North Wall
Sherman, Levi Monday, April 20, 1863 27 Magnolia
Smith, Charles 2 Spruce
Talmadge, Ann North Wall
Todd, Eunice 29 Magnolia
Tuttle, Mary North Wall
Wheeler, Agar N. Tuesday, December 4, 1832 24 Spruce
Whitney, Sylvia Cornwall
Wooster, Mary Clap 40 Maple Ave.
Elmes, Lucy A. Sunday, March 12, 1893 6 Central Ave.
Fellowes, Isabella L.T. Sunday, June 12, 1892 54 Spruce
Fowler, Patty Thursday, February 12, 1835 20 Linden Ave.
Gilbert, Caleb 51 Cypress
Goddard, Elizabeth M. Sunday, March 24, 1872 4 Cypress
Graham, Edward C. Wednesday, August 30, 1899 8 Cedar Ave.
Grunert, Ann Maria 14 Spruce
Harris, Charles P. 6 Holly Ave.
Hayes, Ezekiel 4 Pine Ave.
Herrick, Hannah Sunday, July 10, 1859 25 Linden Ave.
Hooker, Henry D. 25 Maple Ave.