Board of Directors

Grove Street Cemetery

The Proprietors of the Grove Street Cemetery are represented by the Standing Committee which oversees the operation of the cemetery and supervises the management of its finances to ensure the continued fiscal soundness of the cemetery. The Standing Committee consists of individuals who are elected annually.

Members of the Standing Committee

Charles H. Long, President
Eleanor C. Babbitt
Anne T. Calabresi
Charles D. Ellis
Gerald E. Gaab
Judith A. Schiff
Lorraine D. Siggins
Regina L. Starolis
J. Lloyd Suttle
C. Michael Tucker

Friends of the Grove Street Cemetery, Inc.

Friends of the Grove Street Cemetery is administered by an elected Board of Directors composed of persons committed to the organization’s purposes. 

Members of the Board of Directors

Edward S.K. Bottomley, Chairman
Nancy E. Ahlstrom
Cordalie Benoit
Darlene M. Cassella
John N. Deming, Jr.
John M. Edwards, Jr.
John C. Gambell
Channing Harris
Karin Krochmal
Millie C. Legenhausen
Benjamin L. Sandweiss
Judith A. Schiff

Updated July 30, 2018