Rules of the cemetery grounds

1. The cemetery welcomes visitors whenever the gates are open, which is normally from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. every day. Entering the grounds except through the main entrance is forbidden. Admission to the grounds can be temporarily suspended for appropriate reasons. Visitors should note that the last daily entry time is 3:30 p.m. in order for the staff to complete a patrol of the grounds and secure the cemetery by the 4 p.m. closing time. Before making a trip to visit the cemetery, you may want to contact the office (203) 787-1443 if you would like to verify visiting hours for that day.

2. Limited parking is available for owners of plots (Proprietors) during open hours. Vehicles left unattended may be towed at owner’s expense, and any person whose vehicle causes damage to any part of the cemetery will be held responsible.


3. Visitors must respect the purpose and tenor of the cemetery. Loitering, roller-skating, skateboarding, and climbing on walls, fences, trees, or monuments are prohibited. The Superintendent may expel from the cemetery anyone who disturbs its sanctity by noisy or other inappropriate conduct.


4. Children are permitted in the grounds when accompanied by parent or other adult.                                          


5. Walking dogs is permitted, but only on leashes. Dog walkers are required to remove any animal waste that is deposited inside the grounds.


6. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Firearms, except at military funerals or at approved ceremonies, may not be brought into the cemetery.


7. Littering, picking flowers from plants or shrubs, injuring any tree or shrub, marring any memorial, and defacing property in any way are prohibited.


8. No fence or hedge will be allowed to surround any single plot or portion thereof. A low curb cropping may be permitted for plots containing a number of graves, but only after prior approval of the design by the Superintendent and the Standing Committee of the Proprietors. The clear and open view between headstones and memorials is an essential part of the character of the cemetery. 


9. There shall be no headstone, monument, decoration, adornment, or planting that is not in harmony with the predominant materials present in the cemetery, both with respect to the cemetery as a whole and to the particular burial site. Statuary not incorporated with a headstone is not permitted. Features such as benches or monuments not part of the headstone may be permitted, but only with prior approval of the design by the Superintendent and the Standing Committee of the Proprietors.


10. Plans for memorials must be presented to the Superintendent before fabrication and installation. They may also be reviewed by the Standing Committee of Proprietors. Headstones must be made of certified granite or marble, or slate that has been treated for durability. A memorial base may not exceed 30 inches in length for a one-capacity grave or 60 inches in length for a two-capacity grave. The overall height of headstones or structures other than headstones must be in harmony with the context of the specific gravesite and its surroundings.


11. All headstones and other memorials must be placed on foundations that will be constructed by cemetery staff and paid for by the plot owners. The owner must ask the monument maker to send the plan for the monument to the Superintendent so that he can design and construct the appropriate foundation in a timely manner.


12. Gravestone and monument rubbings are prohibited in the cemetery. Over time, the practice of stone rubbing can cause permanent damage to cultural monuments due to abrasion, toppling of gravestones, or cracking of fragile monuments.


13. Trees may not be planted except by the Superintendent as part of the landscaping plan of the cemetery.


 14. With prior approval of the Superintendent, owners or heirs of plots may plant shrubs, plants, and flowers on their own plots as appropriate in size and placement. If such plantings are done without approval or are neglected, they may be removed at the discretion of the Superintendent, and the cost of restoring the plot will be charged to the plot owner or heirs.


15. Potted plants and bouquet holders (other than glass) are permitted, but their number and size may be limited at the discretion of the Superintendent. Potted plants must be removed before winter frosts, and winter decorations must be removed by March 15. The Superintendent will remove any plants or flowers that become unsightly.


16. The cemetery reserves the right to remove any tree, shrub, or obstacle on any plot that may hinder the efforts of the employees in opening graves or in proper maintenance of the cemetery.


17. Should an owner or heir propose a structure, decoration, or planting that does not conform to these rules, the Superintendent will bring that proposal to the Standing Committee of Proprietors for consideration. Any structure, decoration, or planting that does not fall within these rules and has not been approved by the Standing Committee of Proprietors will be removed at the expense of the owner.   


18. The Standing Committee of the Proprietors of the Grove Street Cemetery may amend, modify, or suspend any existing rules or regulations or adopt new rules and regulations as the need arises.


Rev. 01/18